Chemistry Lesson Videos

I upload videos on a weekly basis to my YouTube channel. Most of the videos focus on introductory chemistry. I have organized the videos according to physical, inorganic and organic chemistry. Additionally, if you’re interested in basic math that is required for chemistry, here’s the playlist: Basic Math for Chemistry

Physical Chemistry

TopicsThis playlist covers ...
MatterChemical & physical properties and changes, classification of matter
SolutionsConcentration formulas and calculations
Chemical equationsBalancing chemical equations and related calculations
MeasurementSI Prefixes, unit conversion, density
StoichiometryStoichiometry calculations
Chemical equilibriumLe Chatelier's principle, chemical equilibrium

Inorganic Chemistry

TopicsThis playlist covers ...
Covalent bondingLewis structure, VSEPR theory, Molecular polarity
Acids and basesAcid and base theories: Arrhenius theory, Bronsted-Lowry and Lewis, neutralization, pH calculations
Periodic tableElectronegativity,
classification of elements, subatomic particles, isotopic symbol, average atomic mass
Ionic bondingDefinition, name and formula of ionic compound, types of compound, calculate charge of ions
RedoxOxidation numbers, balancing redox equations

Organic Chemistry

TopicsThis playlist covers ...
PolymersAddition and condensation polymerization
Homologs, isomers and nomenclatureHomologs, isomers and nomenclatures of organic compounds
Functional groupsFunctional groups in organic compounds