Density formula

Density – Why should we care?

What is density? It’s mass divided by volume. The more mass you can fit into a fixed space, the denser it is. Let’s say we have two same size boxes. We¬†stuff in feathers in one of the boxes and stones in the other box of the same size. Which is denser? Of course, the box with stones is denser since stones weigh more than feathers.

So why is density important? Can you think of an example or two that involve density? Density can affect whether something will float or not (hot air balloon, boat, ice in drinks), which layer will be on top (oil spill in the ocean, lava lamp, vinaigrette), identity/purity of a substance (purity gold), to name a few. It’s present in our daily lives more than we may have realized.

I relatedthree examples to density and showed how to solve density related problem in this video:

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